Bradenton Florida Fishing

Bradenton Florida is located just minutes south of Tampa Bay. The Tampa Bay fishery is nothing short of epic, and Bradenton gets to share in this as well. However, Bradenton has its own inshore estuary that adds even more to this already epic fishery. Continue reading


Virginia Beach Fishing Charters

Virginia Beach is a fishing hotspot located along the US’s east coast. It’s nearshore and offshore fishery is considered something of a fish “superhighway”. Reason being that this area is located extremely close to the gulfstream and the continental shelf. Add to this temperate weather and it being a vacation hotspot, Virginia Beach fishing should definitely make it on your angling and vacation “to do” list. Continue reading

Fishing in Alaska

America’s last frontier is also the largest chunk of US territory out of the the 50. Most notably known for extreme weather conditions, crazy sun cycles, and the aurora borealis, Alaska is a name known by many, but a place actually experienced by few. Those few who have ventured into the Last Frontier have come to realize just how special this place actually is. For the angler, it is a destination not to be missed. Continue reading

Florida Gulf Snapper Fishing

Snapper is an incredible gamefish that also makes great table fare. They range in size from just a couple pounds to over a hundred pounds and everywhere in between. Most all species can be found throughout Florida ranging in depths of just a few feet to several hundred feet. This means that no matter whether you’re fishing the inshore mangroves or oyster bars or fishing the reefs and wrecks offshore, you have a good chance at hooking up with a snapper. Continue reading

On the Water Eco Adventures: Florida

Florida is home to some of the most remote and untamed wilderness you can reach in the United States – except, everything is usually just a short drive away. There may not be mountains to conquer or vast rolling fields to hike, but there is an almost Jurassic setting to be reached in nearly every corner and city in the state. These areas of vast Everglades, lowland swamps, hilly pine forest, and pine rockland and habitats are some of the only of their kind on the planet. Continue reading

Wading for Gator Trout

Spotted seatrout can be found all along the gulf coast as well as up and down the eastern coastline. Fishing for these drum family members can be quite simple with countless options on techniques. From live bait, dead bait, and artificial lures, there’s not much that a trout won’t eat. You can sit out on a grass flat for hours and hours and fill the cooler with slot trout less than 20 inches, which is all fine and good if you’re wanting to fill the freezer or invite friends and family over for a fish fry, but what about the anglers looking for that trophy gator trout in the 30 inch range? Continue reading