On the Water Eco Adventures: Florida

Florida is home to some of the most remote and untamed wilderness you can reach in the United States – except, everything is usually just a short drive away. There may not be mountains to conquer or vast rolling fields to hike, but there is an almost Jurassic setting to be reached in nearly every corner and city in the state. These areas of vast Everglades, lowland swamps, hilly pine forest, and pine rockland and habitats are some of the only of their kind on the planet.



Florida has one of the largest and fastest growing populations of recreational kayakers on the planet. When you have a state with multiple coastlines and a spider web of inland waterways, rivers, and creeks – you can bet there are kayakers launching in every one of them. Florida’s waterways and saltwater estuaries are a sight to behold. There are photo opportunities and the chance at engaging with wildlife in an unintrusive but personal way. Kayaking lends itself to gaining access to places boats can’t go, they are relaxing, and quiet.

Fishing Charters and Tours

Some may not consider fishing to be an eco-adventure, but when you are in Florida it certainly does become one. From manatee sightings to dolphins playing by the boat, and a plethora of other wildlife encounters that take place on these voyages – you are bound to be drawn to not only the fishing but your surroundings as well. Most charter boat Captains here understand this and offer this as part of your day of fishing. So, when someone wants to fish and someone just wants to explore, the right fishing charter company can make both a reality at the same time.

See Wildlife

It has been mentioned as a part of the first two options listed here, but for wildlife viewing as a specific and solitary goal – Florida has you covered. You can explore Everglades National Park from top to bottom to see all kinds of species that inhabit this one of a kind ecosystem. Or, you can hike the many sections of the Florida Trail system to see many different kinds of habitats in the state, from top to bottom. If you are looking for a guide to take you on these or any other adventures here, check out Adventure Bookie for the best in local guides and things to do.


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