Bradenton Florida Fishing

Bradenton Florida is located just minutes south of Tampa Bay. The Tampa Bay fishery is nothing short of epic, and Bradenton gets to share in this as well. However, Bradenton has its own inshore estuary that adds even more to this already epic fishery.


Neighboring Holmes Beach and Anna Maria Island, Bradenton is mainly situated along the Manatee River, with an extension that also rests on Palma Sola Bay. These two water bodies offer two types of individual fisheries with their own characteristics, and Bradenton anglers get to enjoy them both.

The Manatee River side of Bradenton fishing is a very active fishery. Local anglers describe the cooler months as better for fishing in there, but all days of the year can be proactive. One of the main game fish species targeted in there are snook. Snook are also able to be targeted at night by dock light fisherman. Dock light fishing the Manatee River is also a favorite of fly fisherman looking to target snook on fly tackle.

The Palma Sola Bay side of Bradenton is a flats fishing paradise. Though it is best to work the moving tides, vast grass flats and oyster bars make this bay awesome for sight fisherman. And even though sight fisherman love “skinny water”, Palma Sola has some extremely skinny areas. In this, it is advised for boaters to really study the area they want to get int before just pushing the throttle and burning into the flat. May be the last thing you do that day on the water (not to mention the prop scar damage to the estuary!).

Another beautiful aspect of Bradenton fishing is the fact that you can push out just beyond the official borders and fish areas like Terra Ceia Bay, Snead Island, or even burn across to the Skyway bridge. All in all, Bradenton, Florida should definitely be  your fishing to do list. If you have fished Tampa but have visited this neighboring fishery, you are definitely missing out.


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