Fishing in Alaska

America’s last frontier is also the largest chunk of US territory out of the the 50. Most notably known for extreme weather conditions, crazy sun cycles, and the aurora borealis, Alaska is a name known by many, but a place actually experienced by few. Those few who have ventured into the Last Frontier have come to realize just how special this place actually is. For the angler, it is a destination not to be missed.

Fishing in Alaska is as diverse as itis broad. From upland streams holding trout and salmon, to oceanside villages catching hauls of halibut and cod – Alaska has a species, location, and even a fishing style with all of us in mind.

Red salmon couple

When you think of interior Alaska fishing you might consider that this is a summer only excursion. Though mostly true, there are ice holes available for the hardcore angler who wishes to do so. For most, the summertime in Alaska offers a glimpse at the midnight sun and many adventurous locations to walk, boat, and even fly in to.

Whether on fly or spin tackle, walking the state’s interior fisheries is definitely an experience that is unmatched. From wildlife sightings to landing monster King Salmon, Alaska’s interior offers an angling experience that is simply hard to beat.

When saltwater fishing in Alaska, the southern shore is the place to be. Cities like Ketchikan (the Salmon Capital of the World) actually offer a more temperate climate and has a fishery that is available all year Though everything begins to really get busy during the salmon run. When the salmon make the return trip from the ocean back into the rivers in which they were born, many species tag along for the ride. This includes Halibut and Cod. There are also several species of Rockfish that call places like Ketchikan home all year long.

Visitors to the state have many options on how to get there as well as where to stay. To visit Ketchikan you could simply take the ferry from Washington state. To go further inland and experience the coast at the same time, and probably the most popular way to visit Alaska, is to take an Alaskan cruise. While staying in the state you can choose to “rough it” in cabin style rental communities, there are resorts available in most populated cities, and for the hardcore – taking on an outdoor sustenance style journey is something many have chosen.

Regardless of how you get there or where you stay, there is an Alaskan fishing adventure waiting for you.



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