Virginia Beach Fishing Charters

Virginia Beach is a fishing hotspot located along the US’s east coast. It’s nearshore and offshore fishery is considered something of a fish “superhighway”. Reason being that this area is located extremely close to the gulfstream and the continental shelf. Add to this temperate weather and it being a vacation hotspot, Virginia Beach fishing should definitely make it on your angling and vacation “to do” list.

Atlantic white marlin big game sport fishing

For visitors here or even seasoned anglers looking to fish here the first time, hiring a Virginia Beach Fishing Charters service provider will make your trip an epic one. One thing you will definitely want to consider is what your goals might be while fishing here. Defining this will allow you t find the right Captain, crew, and boat to make your Virginia Beach fishing dreams a reality.

This fishery offers shots at nearly every coveted Atlantic game fish species you can think of. We are talking catching some tuna, mahi and wahoo for the grill, or even if you want to feel the pulse pounding runs of a white marlin or blue marlin.

A lot of fishing charter companies out in this area specialize in certain fishing styles. Even though at the same time they are offering all kinds of trips. To best define what company you should choose – do a little additional research. Thanks to the internet age all of these companies have social profiles and the best ones also have active review profiles on major sites, like TripAdvisor.

On these profiles you can easily see what each company mainly focuses on by studying their feeds and feedback. From here you will now be able to better focus on the right company to fit your needs during your Virginia Beach fishing trip.

Other things to consider is making sure the company is operating legally, making sure the charter boat is able to carry your party size, and double check that any and all your needs you expect to be covered actually are. While most charter companies, for instance, will clean and bag your catch for you at no charge, some do not. Understanding these differences from the start will hep alleviate any il feels that you may develop afterwards.


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