Tarpon Tackle

Fishing for tarpon is no easy task. The silver king demands respect and if not shown, you will lose every time. Tarpon fishing involves a lot of patience, skill and good ol fashion luck, but with a few tips and the proper gear you can greatly increase your chances at hooking up with the silver king. However, there is a process when it comes to tarpon fishing. First comes in finding them. Next is the hook up and then the landing. All of these different stages require those qualities that we spoke about earlier. But in order to give yourself the best chance at your bucket list fish, let’s talk about what it takes to go into battle with the silver king. Continue reading


Shark Infested Waters

Dun dun… dun dun… dun dun…. We all know this famous background music from the movie JAWS. This movie alone has put an irrational fear in the hearts of many beach goers and land locked humans alike. Sharks get a bad rap. Sure they’re menacing with that toothy grin, large bodies and with strength and speed that rivals any predator on the planet, but they’re not that bad. Continue reading

Fishing Palm Beach

Palm Beach, Florida is nestled on the eastern coast of Florida, just north of Lake Worth. Palm Beach is probably more well noted for the .. well, beach part of things. It is a popular destination for tourists, and is home to many native Floridian- as well as some transplants. But one of the coolest features of Palm Beach is its access to some of the best fishing in the entire state. Continue reading

Fishing St. Pete

St. Petersburg, Florida is a city built on a peninsula of sorts protruding itself into Tampa Bay. The communities here are diverse and the local vibe is pretty cool. The neighborhoods range from homes along an extensive intercoastal waterway system to old school bungalow style homes inland. But regardless of where you are situated in St. Pete, one thing’s for sure – epic fishing is usually a stone’s throw away. Continue reading

Southwest Florida Fishing

What comes to mind when you think of fishing southwest Florida? Redfish? Permit? Snapper? Or wait, I know, Tarpon?! Yes, all these plus more come to MY mind when thinking of fishing the beautiful waterways of southwest Florida, but there is so much more. Let me ask you this: What comes to mind when thinking of EXTREME fishing in Florida? Sharks? Billfish? Tuna? Sure, I can agree with all those, but don’t forget about the mighty Goliath Grouper! Although these behemoths won’t hit bait trolled at 7 knots, or put on an aerial display, these kings of the reefs aren’t anything to sleep on. Reeling up one of these monsters will have you waking up the next day with every muscle in your body sore. Continue reading

The Mullet Run

Every year there is a magical happening that occurs along our nation’s coastline. Facebook lights up with near hourly sightings. Monster fish from all factions of gamefish are being hauled in. And there is this huge grin on all saltwater anglers faces, as well as a whole lot of burnt boat fuel that takes place in a simultaneous moment. What is this magical time in the land of fishing? The MULLET RUN! Continue reading